Princes of the Apocalypse


After defeating the Cult of Black Earth, the group departed the Sacred Stone Monastery. They were heading to Red Larch to recuperate. However, on their way down to the town, they were ambushed by the remaining survivors of the Black Earth cult. IT was being led by a stone melder, Yarsha.Yarsha.jpg

She demanded to have justice for the fallen Earthen Prophet, Marlos. So she attacked the group with eight of her soldiers. To be said, Yarsha didn’t realize how powerful the group was and why Marlos fell so easily. She paid that price with her life. Little did the group know, Hellenrae was a part of the survivors that dint participate. She asked the group to let her leave in peace with the remaining survivors if they will not do any more of their previous evil doings. The group agreed to leave them alone as long as they honor their words. So with that, Hellenrae told the survivors to leave the prisoners and treasure that they found in the ruins behind because they will not have any need of them.

The group took the freed prisoners with them back to Red Larch. They managed to make it back and they were completely exhausted so they took to their rooms in the Inn that was given freely to them because they brought back some of the villagers back and the Inn keeper wanted to compensate for the deed.

Little did they know the next morning, the other three Cults heard of the Black Earth Cult’s demise. They decided to get justice, even though one of the cults dint really want to. The cult that dint want to, they were secretly glad that the Black Earth was gone. The night before, the Howling Hatred cult had a big celebration in the honor of the Black Earth’s demise.

That morning after the Black Earth Cult’s fall, the group met up in the common room. After a bit of eating and discussing the plans for the day, the deep gnome, Rukh, took Marta outside to talk to her privately. In that interaction, Rukh handed Marta a letter and described the person who handed her that letter came in bright swirling orbs of white light, and that she was stunningly beautiful. After Marta read the letter, she was suddenly stunned. Rukh saw what was happening and dashed inside and yelled for the others to come out. Only Shavalea, Corrin and Hope dashed outside. Arya remained back inside but stood by the door and peeked out.

They saw Marta standing in the middle of a half circle formed by three different group of people wearing colored robes with their respectively symbols.

They were the Cults of Howling Hatred(purple), Eternal Flame(red), and Crushing Wave(Blue).

When Arya was peeking, she gave out a loud gasp when she saw the red ornate robes of the Eternal Flame. She recognized the symbol instantly.

Raventh appeared with a deafening bang between the group and Marta. He said that this will be interesting to watch! His legs suddenly vanished and all you could see was a snake-like tail in place of his legs and he suddenly grew wings. That was when Shavalea realized that he was really her brother. He flew up above the inn and landed on the roof. He mentioned something about wanting popcorn because this would be so fun to watch.

At the same moment when Raventh appeared, Marta finally regained focus and shook out of her stunned state. She saw the people around her and realized what was going on. She took out a black stone with red veins and threw it up in the air, while casting Scorching Ray. She was surprised with what happened. The stone exploded in six pieces and was spread out through the three groups. It ended up in a scorching ray kind of explosion that reminds Marta of the fireball spell. After the dust settled, she saw that the cults were still standing. With that, each of the adventurers did something before something extraordinary happened.

The whole area outside suddenly got so dark. Then there was a deafening rumble when the ground in front of Marta opened up and a figurine flew through the ground and floated a bit in the sky. Those who tried to focus and see what they saw. They saw this stunning figure.

She summoned her weapons that appears to be some kind of long swords or great swords to materialize in front of her. One seems to be a form of fire sword while the other was a ice sword. She grabbed them with both of her hands and flew down toward the cults and slashed them. A good chunk of the group fell with devastating wounds

At that moment, the whole area became brighter and everyone except for the cults, felt immense warmth and love. The group looked up toward a bright light and saw that a figure was gliding down.

She landed in front of Marta with a soft thump. She looked over her shoulder toward the group and smiled before turning her head back to the cults. She reached up to the sky and called for her scepter. It materialized in bright orbs of light. She waved her staff and a blinding bright light came down and struck the cults. When the group could regain visibility, they saw the rest of the cults down on the ground. Some managed to scramble away, clutching their wounds.

The group heard a loud series of cussing coming from the inn’s roof. Raventh was standing and glaring at the two new figures. He yelled that they weren’t suppose to intervene and that if the group lost, he would be able to seize what he needed from them! With that being said, he pointed toward them and say hope you enjoy what is coming to you!

After he said that, the group saw that there was two portals growing in size. One in the sky, one on the ground. The sky portal glowed with purple light coming out, while the ground portal glowed with orange and white light glowing. The group suddenly felt like they were being sucked into the portals. Shavalea and Corrin couldn’t resist the pull toward the ground portal. They fell into the portal. Arya, Hope, and Marta were being sucked up toward the sky portal and failed to brace themselves. They flew up toward the portal. The last thing each of the adventurers saw was one of the figures heading toward them.

Shavalea and Corrin saw the winged figure with the great swords flying toward them looking very angry. It scared Corrin a lot that he couldn’t control his bowels. Marta, Hope, and Arya was very very dizzy but could see that the woman with the scepter jumped up after yelling something, heading to them. Marta was overwhelmed with the swirls and it caused her to pass out.

The portals vanished, but not before the two figures made it through the portals. Raventh cursed very loudly and said that it wont be the last time the villagers of Red Larch will see them!


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