Tiefling Monk


AC: 20 HP: 108
Saving throws: STR & DEX
STR 18 (4) DEX 20 (5) CON 18 (4) WIS 18 (4) INT 18 (4) CHA 18 (4)
Passive Wisdom +14
Proficiencies: Proficiency: Simple Weapons, Short Swords, Cartographers Tools

Languages: Common, Infernal, Celestial, and Primordial

Personality Traits: Nothing I like more than a good mystery.
I listen to every side of an argument before making a judgment.
Ideals: Beauty: What is beautiful points us beyond itself toward what is true.
Bonds: My life’s work is a series of tomes related to a specific field of lore.
Flaws: Most people run and scream when they see a demon. I stop and take notes on its anatomy.

Weapons and Damage: *Chakram does 1d8 slashing (extra 2d6 Cold, or Fire), +1d4 on natural 20. Daggers do 1d4 piercing damage.

“Fire Fly” activates Chakrams
“Mischief Managed” deactivates

Darkvision: 60ft.

Hellish Resistance: Fire

Monastic Tradition: Way of the Open Hand

Deflect Missiles.

Open Hand Technique.

Slow Fall: When I fall I can reduce any of the damage by an amount equal to 5X’s my level.

Wholeness of Body: I gain the ability to heal myself.


  1. Martial Adept: I learn two maneuvers from the Battle Master archetype.
  • Distracting Strike.
  • Goading Attack.
  1. Skilled: Gain proficiency in three skills
  1. Savage Attacker:
    Once per turn when you roll damage for a melee weapon attack, you can reroll the weapon’s damage dice and use either total.

Martial Arts: I gain the following benefits unarmed or wielding only monk weapons and not wearing armor or a shield I can use DEX instead of STR for the attack and damage rolls of my unarmed strikes and monk weapons. I roll a 1d6 in place of the normal damage of my unarmed strike or monk weapon, when I use the Attack action with an unarmed strike or a monk weapon on my turn, I can make one unarmed strike as a bonus action.

Flurry of Blows. Patient Defense. Step of the Wind.

Ki-Empowered Strikes: my unarmed strikes count as magical for the purpose of overcoming resistance and immunity to nonmagical attacks and damage.

Extra Attack: I attack twice, instead of once, whenever I take the Attack action.

Hero Points: 14

KI Points: 9

Stunning Strike: When I hit with a melee attack, I spend 1 ki point to attempt a stunning strike. The target must succeed on a CON saving throw or be stunned until the end of my next turn.

Stillness of Mind: I can use my action to end one effect that is causing me to be charmed or frightened.

Unarmored Movement: My speed increases by 10 feet while you are not wearing arm or or wielding a shield. I gain the ability to move along vertical surfaces and across liquids on your turn without falling during the move.

TREASURES: 4 Black Onyx (10 gp), 4 other Onyx (5gp), Chainmail, Black velvet mask sewn with silver thread, Flawed Carnelian gem stone (10gp), 2 Cure Light Wounds potions, 100 ft. silken rope, bag of potions (6 potions of Healing), Moonstone (20gp), Silver Comb (25gp), Silver Scissors (30gp), Silvered Sword, bag of gold (50gp), Ornate Desk Key, Mummified Hand w/Cult Symbol, Long sword

Cloak of Protection (+1 to AC, and saving throws), Helm of Understanding Languages (casts Comprehend Languages), Wand of Magic Missiles (7 Charges left), Heart Pendant (white), Periapt of Healing Health (2d8 HP per turn)


Hope was born and raised in a small, and religiously independent community. Her mother being humanoid, and her father being a descendent of Azazel. She was kept in hiding due to the strange horns protruding from her head. She was taught to regard the stars highly, and to honor them like they were ancestors. She was taught to sew, and to whittle. One day while going through the forest on an exploratory childlike journey, she came across a very large temple. And was instantly taken aback. While she was exploring the exterior of the temple a very strange looking old man came out of the woodwork, and introduced himself as the High Elder of the temple. They spoke for hours, and he told her stories of the Brothers and Sisters of the Pure Flame. They met nearly every day, and chatted about this and that. However, early on in her life disaster struck, and she lost her parents by the monastery. She was left all alone, wounded, and covered in the remains of many that were slaughtered. She managed to hide herself, and survive the attack. She managed to get out of the village, and into the forest again. She wandered for what seemed like hours. She came upon the temple again, just as the cult was attacking, and saw that the old man was easily dispatching the enemy with quick, and terrible blows. There were many others like him that were essentially fighting for their lives. Many fell as the cult advanced forward. She felt a tingling in her muscles as she realized that she was balling a fist, and was actually walking towards the battle instead of away from it. She picked up a fallen monks short sword, and advanced on one of the hooded men attacking another monk nearby. She released a flurry of blows with the short sword, and with her fists, as her vision became obscured with the blood that was now raining down on her from her enemy. She “regained” consciousness, and realized that the enemy she had originally attacked was no longer the one she was enthralled in battle with. He was a bloody stump next to a tree. She had been so overcome with anger, and sadness after losing her parents. She only stopped momentarily when she felt the wrinkled hand of the old man touch her shoulder, and heard his voice as he said, “The violence needs to stop now, you have exacted your revenge.” In the many hours after the battle she was taken into the temple, and they cleaned her up, and gave her new clothes to wear. She fell asleep, and had horrible visions in her slumber. After a few hours of sleep she was awoken by the sound of low chanting. Ever the curious creature as she was, she left the room she was in, and headed towards the sound. She came to a door that had light illuminating from the cracks in the wood. She could hear the remaining men of the temple discussing what to do. They were calling for a manhunt on the only culprits, they believed capable of such an attack: The Turmoil cult. Hope, slowly opened the door, and stepped inside the room. She listened to the man, with whom she had chatted with in the recent months, tell the other members of the order that something needed to be done, and quick. As the men in the room, 15 men to be exact, discussed who they believed should be the one to take on this difficult journey, the leader of the men pointed at Hope. He declared that the one capable of such a job was an outsider, and that at that time this was just the hero that was needed. She was asked to stand in front of the men, and make a decision. To fight as she just did, against the cult; or leave and try to pick up the pieces and move on. She remembered the feeling she had as she bested more than 25 cultists. She dug deep, and decided that the only way she would be able to do her parents proud, was to take on this mission. She said yes. In the many months to follow, she was trained in the way of the monks, and was given a chance to make her body stronger, and more agile. Upon completing her training, she was given a new name, as a reminder of her trials. Her new name was “Hope”. In the aftermath she was the only one that dared offer a path beyond vengeance: forgiveness and acceptance.


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