Black gemstone with red veins


a big hunk of black stone, almost like onyx or obsidian, but with blood red veins.

This seems to be made out of a living being. The worst part about this stone is that any being that was killed by a spell using this stone as component will become a stone instead of a corpse.

Miraj figured out what this stone did and how to create more. His words exactly, "Every person who die from a spell that have this as a component became a big hunk of black polished stone with red veins! "

The size of a hunk of stone will be similar to a human head. a small gemstone will be about a inch wide and a inch thick.

Type of damages that this group discovered.
Chromatic Orb-add 2d8 for the gem stone if used. And will split into three orbs and will head toward the same target unless the target dies before the other two hits. If died before other two hits, the other two will go to the nearest creature, regardless of friendlies or enemies. (the number of orbs will depend on the size. If a stone bigger than your fist, the max of orbs is 9. But if it’s a small gem, then only 3 total. Damage will still stay the same as above.)
Lightning Bolt-red lightning and add fire damage as well. Add 3d6 fire to it.
Melf’s Minute Meteors-if used as meteors, one gem breaks into six. Then when one meteor is sent out, it automatically breaks into three smaller gems. When hit, deal regular meteor damage, plus the fireball spell with the damage halved. (IE. Meteor damage is 2d6 fire and fireball is 4d6 instead of 8d6. Only make one Dex save throw not two for the total and ALSO the area effect of fireball halved.)

Black gemstone with red veins

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